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What makes U Tick

By Clearbird
This new book "What makes U Tick" is a new book by Clearbird on the basics of Lafayette Ron Hubbards Philosophy.
e-book only


Fundamentals of Success

By Peter Gillham

Peter Gillham is an Australian and a long term scientologist. He is a chartered accountant and runs a highly successful nutritional business. After going through the steps of scientology to achieve OT and a Class VIII level auditor, he wrote a booklet called, 'Fundamentals of Success'.

In this book he outlined the basics of scientology and how one can use it in every day life.

To our knowledge, this book was placed in the public domain so that anyone who was interested could access and read this book and find out how they can use scientology for themselves.

This book is reproduced here for the benefit of anyone who wants information about scientology but is is denied access to church materials or who is hesitant about going to an official church.

The book is free for download but if you want a hardcopy then there is a small charge to cover printing, packaging and shipping world wide.

Success Stories

"This book can change your life! I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve themselves. It covers many everyday actions that can make life easier, more enjoyable and profitable. The section on Money is invaluable..."
S.A., Phoenix, Arizona

"You cannot be validated enough for your book, "Fundamentals of Success". . . . I have built a whole new life for myself just by reading and knowing the data in this book . . . It's super!"
A.B., New York, N.Y.

"Your two books contain such a wealth of data that I cannot begin to tell you of the number of wins I have had as a result of just reading the material and applying it."
G.A., Boulder, Colo.

"It works! I love it! "Fundamentals of Success" has helped me tremendously. . . . It's helping me put some ethics in my life; and my budget and finances are straight. It has given me tremendous wins."
B.A., Los Angeles, CA.

Here is an extract from the book.


This book is the result of more than twenty years of experience, research and training in the field of personal improvement. The material within this book is simple. It has application in all walks of life. When used, it can have very far-reaching and sometimes rather dramatic results. This is some of the information that should be taught to us very early in our lives. Anyone desiring success should know and be able to apply these fundamentals. This is not by any means all of the information that is available, but it is a good start.

This material is a small part of the data of the subject of Scientology. The knowledge and wisdom contained in Scientology were discovered by L. Ron Hubbard. The application of this knowledge to success in life and the report of these findings are the subject of this book.

As a businessman, I found this information extremely useful in handling many of the problems confronting the business world. The way to gain the most from "Fundamentals of Success" is to keep it handy for easy reference and refer to it often. Find a datum that is real to you and apply it in life until you become proficient in its application. Now find another datum that is real and apply that. Continue to do this and refer to the book often. In this way you will get fast and stable results.

Publisher: Gold Century Press
Date of Publication: 2006
Available in format:eBookFREE Download

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